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Ive checked models on what about to do , but it's not that detailed on how to put everything in the right order. I mean I have a story I want to make that it's written on paper but wanted to add pictures , dungeons and saw that the program helps you out in the way of now showing all the map without having to cover your drawing with another sheet so players dont see it. That attracted me here but damn putting all the things together takes like more time than just putting it on paper.

That why I was asking if there was any 3.5 mod/story premade , I understand that nowadays people play more on the 5e. But I don't know shit about that version and would screw everything up as a DM. I don't have lots of experiences as it as well, so I try to stay on what I know. But of course if you guys have a 5e story I could relay on , I'd need to only adjust my story to it and the 3.5 rules. Cause really its a multiverse and beside the maps and some rules changing , all the basics of D&D are the same in all versions

Thanks for your helps guys , even tho it's not very active this forum anymore. It's all the help I could find. Also how do I activate the notifications, you both replied and I didnt get a notif about it. Sorry for the delay.
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