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Keep in mind that this "3rd Party Content" is written and design by Mark Seifter and other Paizo staff. One of the guiding principles of PF2 was to make it easier to modify, and create custom content for. Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinity are being released to increase Paizo's revenue stream as well as get more people invested in creating for the setting and system. Many current and former Paizo writers are considering releasing content through the Infinity program to help augment their personal income as well.

A character generator software sticking to "Official Paizo Only" is swimming against the current.
That wasn't what I was suggesting. I don't want Wolf Lair ignoring official Paizo sources while it's adding 3rd party content. I'm happy if 3rd party content is added after the official Paizo content is done. There is already a backlog of Paizo content we are waiting for.

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