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Alright, we just released the fix for this. Basically NPC ancestries now have internal modifiers to skills to match their statblock values instead of including values in the adjustments boxes by default, so the values entered there should be exclusively what you guys enter. There was a problem that happened with applying the fix that would modify those adjustment values opposite what we had used though, so things were extra weird there. This has now been corrected though, so any new NPC that's created or imported from the Value should have no modifications applied, and any existing ones should have their values adjusted to maintain status quo. There's a note in our release notes about a window of cases where values will be incorrectly applied, unfortunately, but we did the absolute best we could to get this fixed and minimize impact on you all with it.

Alongside this we get a change to the UI made to display final values properly in their appropriate tables, which was oddly missing, but woo improvements. Like I said before, if you run into any issues, let us know!
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