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Originally Posted by wynlyndd View Post
A bit snarky, eh?
How late were they on releasing Realm Works initially? After that, how long did it take them to release the content market? How many features, promised in the kickstarter, are not yet implemented in Realm Works? How much communication has there been about those issues? Now, people are waiting months for support tickets to get resolved. I've had one out for a few weeks. A couple weeks ago, I was told I would get periodic updates. Two weeks have gone by, and I've received no unsolicited updates. Last week, I asked, and I was told there had been no progress. This week, I asked again, and I've received no response yet.

We've been told for years that they're going to make efforts for better communication, and we've seen for years that their efforts continually fail. There's no roadmap. There are no timelines. There's no communication.

People who've voiced concerns about the stability and accessibility of an online platform for their gaming sessions have been answered with claims that the interface should be speedy because minimal information passes, and that the platform will be stable. Neither has been the case. The interface is sluggish, and there are regular unplanned outages.

During those outages, people are told to report them here, but when people report things here, they're told that those reports may not be seen and acted upon.

Sooo, where am I unjustified? How should I respond? "Here take my money?" No, thanks. Should I say nothing and pretend there are no issues? Situation normal? Nothing to see here? Move along, folks? What does that accomplish?

There are issues to resolve. Issues that are substantial enough to be called out and to justify me taking my money elsewhere. Issues that are continually neglected, ignored, dismissed or swept under the rug by LWD.

So, yeah.

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