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Perhaps I'm missing a vital piece of info, but here's my use case.

I'm preparing a 5e campaign, I've imported the SRD, Midgard Worldbook, Heroes Handbook, and Tome of Beasts.

In Realm Works all of this is stored in the World Almanac and Mechanics Reference.

I rename the "Story Almanac" to "Dornig" which is where the game is taking place, then add all that I need from the World Almanac to the new view. Then I make a Mechanic view called "My Mechanics" and add all of the SRD to it, a few races that I am allowing from the Heroes Handbook, some spells, monsters, etc... from the various other sources. The new views are my 3-ring binder.

So now I have everything I need from all sources in two views, I stop using the World Almanac and Mechanics Reference altogether. I've deleted nothing, so that if I want to add another monster from the ToB or an area from the campaign world, I can easily do that.

In Addition, I can add all the various views and tools from the Ribbon to the the Quick Access toolbar and then minimize the Ribbon so I'm not seeing the World Almanac or the main Mechanics View and just use the Quick Access Toolbar to navigate between the various items.

I realize this doesn't cut down on import times or the amount of data in the database, if that's what the issue is, but it does address only needing to see certain items within the software itself as I'm using it. Also, any custom items I add, even if it is a picture and description to a monster in the SRD (per daplunk's post towards to beginning) can be exported out of this realm, and into another realm with the SRD and it will merge with the existing record.
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