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Has anyone else been having more trouble than normal saving Hero Lab (windows 10 x64) portfolios in Google Drive folders lately?

I seem to get this error a lot if I save a second time (even 10's of minutes later). I have to shut down Google Drive, which then deletes the temp file AND my Hero Lab Portfolio file. I can then save the file again...

It seems like a file lock is not releasing or something. It also may help if Hero Lab created any .lwdtemp files in an actual "temp" folder vs the same folder as the portfolio (as to prevent utilities from syncing such files).

Unexpected error 40010239 occurred while moving the saved portfolio into its final location. You can find the portfolio in this file: 'C:\Users\<user>\Google Drive\Hero Lab\Wrath of Righteous.por-10236-10224-6472.lwdtemp'. Please report this to

PS I'll submit a bug report as well... but if anyone has any suggestions?

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