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Hi BigNateD,

At this point in time, transfer of control/ownership of a Campaign or the GM role within it is not yet possible. We do have the concept in mind for future implementation already and the team has spent some time looking at how this might be done from a technical standpoint but right now that's not something that's ready for the main stage, as it were.

For the moment your best bet would be to have each of the players and he existing GM create copies of their characters that are saved outside of the Campaign as it exists now, you to create a new Campaign, and then invite all of the participants to it using the Invite Code you generate from it. As soon as you have them in the game they should be able to use the controls within the PCs and Players Tab > My PCs Table to import the various PCs.

It's not exactly a quick or elegant workaround, but it can help save time in rebuilding them all from scratch within a new Campaign that you make at the very least until we are able to get the tools and improvements in place that can make transfer of the GM role possible.

I hope this helps, thanks!
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