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I recently got a mundane robe (hides magic auras) and it keeps generating the following error message . . .

attemp to access field 'pIsOn' that does not exist for the thing 'ioGRMundRb' Location 'eval' script for Thing 'ioGRMundRb' (Eval Script '#1)' near line 2

I took a look at the actual eval script

doneif (field[pIsOn].value = 0)

#situational[hero.child[skStealth],"+5 competene to hide by blending into crowd",field[name].text]

The error message makes me think its issue lies with the doneif (field[pIsOn].value = 0 but I can't see why this would be an issue. It occurs at pre-levels priority 4000 index 1.
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