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I am currently coding my solution to Druid wildshapes which will consist of all of the relevant beasts being listed under activated abilities. I am doing this by altering the archetypes as there is a difference between land and moon. this changes the following data on the character when activated:
Hides all current weapons and adds natural attacks for current form
Adds specials according to form, keen hearing, smell etc.
hit points
speed and modes for movement ie. swimming, flying etc.
this adds the beast forms according to your current druid level as per the chart in the players handbook
I plan on adding all of the relevant beasts from:
Monster Manuel
WOTC supplements
Tome of beasts
Creature codex

I have the code worked out and have tested it with Rat and Mastif forms
all I have left to do is to code the other beast forms and bootstrap them.

if this is something the community is interested in, let me know where I can submit this to share with everyone
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