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At 04:25 PM 8/30/2007, you wrote:
I downloaded the latest update for Warhammer 40k and now when ever I go to load it I get "Cannot create core run-time file: crogram filesarmybuilderexDataAB40k4core.abz" After i get this error it crashes Army builder. any help to fix this problem would help.
Wow! I've never seen this error occur before.

The best thing to do is clear out the game system folder of compiled files and try re-loading again. Using Windows Explorer, go to the folder where AB is installed (e.g. "c:armybuilderex" by default). Go to the "data" folder beneath that and then the game system folder beneath that ("ab40k4"). Delete the files "core.abz" and "data.abz". Then try re-loading the game system into AB.

If the problem persists, somehting is very messed up with the data files themselves. If so, then delete the entire "ab40k4" folder. Then download the 40K files again and try loading. That should fix things.
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