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The problem is likely that you have a unit that is larger than a full page.
There is a bug in V3.0b that doesn't handle things properly when a unit
consumes more than a full page. So I'm guessing you've got AB configured
such that the unit consumes more than a full page and causes AB to go wonky.

You'll need to check your configuration settings to bring the overall size
of the page downward a little bit so that the the page contents actually
fit. That should solve the problem. You can change the roster content, font
sizes, and a host of other aspects that will all combine to shrink the
overall amount of space used by each unit within the roster output. If you
get each unit to less than one page, you'll be good to go.

The problem with printing a unit that is larger than a single page will be
fixed when we release V3.0c, which should be not far off.

Hope this helps,

At 07:57 PM 5/2/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi I'm trying to print a 2000pt SM roster. Might be four or five pages
>at the most.
>When I tried to print I got dozens of pages with only the header
>"Points/Name etc". and the footer "created w/Army builder yada, yada,
>Went to the print preview and it shows a 65535 page document with just
>all header and footers. Yep that's Sixty Five Thousand, Five hundred
>and Thirty Five Pages of nothing. I've tried to reset the print
>defaults multiple times to no avail. It only does this on the one
>roster, everything else seems fine. Any ideas on this?

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