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Status update on fixes:

1. Elderly - fixed
2. Linguist - I went ahead and removed the validation on this from SWADE. It doesn't really serve much of a purpose with Languages being Skills
3. Outsider is now has selectable severity
4. Toughness now shows Size on mouseover
5. Size affects Max Wounds now
6. The NPC Advance/XP count is fixed (yeah, Deluxe too lol)
7. Adding Skills is a half Advance
8. Armor already has Basliistic Protection as a field - not sure what is meant here
9. Deluxe version has had the Athletics Skill option replaced
10. hinHabit is fixed
11. Acceleration and Climb removed from InfoVeh
12. Went through and checked/fixed the Uniqueness on all revised SWADE Edges
13. I fixed the issue with the text on the Powers, it was some hidden characters.
14. Attractive Edge requirements fixed.
15. I went ahead and removed the Powers tracker in the header for SWADE. It doesn't fit with the multiple Arcane Backgrounds idea.
16. The multiple display of Minimum Strength in Armor is fixed.
17. The time frame tags on the weapons have been cleared up.

18. The GearAvail tags have been created and support for them set up including a Configure check box for enabling them.
19. The script macro appenddesc has been added.
20. OK, big one: I've added Arcane Power Modifiers as a complete tag set, tagged up the spells, and created a powModifiers field and populated it with a dynamic list of the Modifier names.
21. The Armory tab Modifications portal is now dependent on the Hero.UseMods tag.
22. Strength Requirements Die tags have been tied to Traits rather than Weapon Die to allow for expanded selections.
23. The Florentine Edge has been removed from Adventure Edition.

24. DenyTag structure modified to operate with multiple Arcane Backgrounds
NOTE: Powers will now appear on the list greyed out with a message indicating they are not valid for that AB
25. Added the 25-character arcTrackerName field to Arcane Backgrounds to support alternate Tracker names.
26. Fixed the Armor displays to include the asterisk for Ballistic Protection and remove the old Armor/Ballistic displays.
27. Fixed the Scholar Edge.
28. Fixed the Bad Eyes Hindrance minor-level modifiers.
29. Fixed Stackable Armor doubling.

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