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Originally Posted by Maidhc O Casain View Post

Part of the problem seems to have been that I'd already added the Core Skills to the character. When I went back and deleted Notice, it removed the one I'd manually added and replaced it with the bootstrapped one.

However, when I added a level to move it up to d6 it still deducted the cost.

So it seems like there must be a way to make this racial property work with the Core Skills, and I'm just missing it?

Is the free skill supposed to be at d6 level? The Helper.CoreSkill tag just ensures that the d4 rank is free. If you need the d6 to be as well, then you need to add this on the property at PreTraits/5000 before "Calc trtFinal"
#traitcreation[skNotice] += 1
With the bootstrap, that should give Notice at d6.

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