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If you equip a main-hand weapon and then an off-hand weapon.
And give yourself at least +11 BAB.

For the second off-hand attack is that due to Haste or Improved Two-Weapon Fighting and then Haste is on top of that?

Enlarge, Haste and Bless are available on the Adjust tab.

Check the various boxes for the calculations.


Well -- if you're running Roll20 remotely and want it to do the calculations, you'd need to set that up.
Hero Lab will show you your various bonuses on each of the attacks.

I was excited for Hero Lab online, because one of things advertised was a URL to a live character sheet that the assorted VTT programs could read in real time.
So you'd be able to adjust whatever options (check things) on the Adjust and In-Play tabs on the character sheet, and then have the VTT read all the bonuses in real time.

Still haven't seen Pathfinder 1e make the jump to Hero Lab Online, but hopefully soon.
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