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Thanks for the replies.

As a follow up:

If I am level 11 with 3 iterative attacks, plus 2 off hand attacks with a secondary weapon, and then I am Enlarged, Hasted and have Bless, that is an awful lot of modifiers I have to keep track of outside of Hero Lab.

The point is, Roll20 has a character sheet, but I already have Hero Lab running. So why would I need to keep adjusting both?
Ideally, if Roll20 was an app-based program it would make it easier to either get HeroLab to talk to it and post all roll results, but that isn't possible. Discord is probably more possible but I have no idea whether there is a market for that.

So if I could simply punch a button (or several buttons in order) and have a small dinky picture be created that is treated as a file (or a file icon displayed) then I could drag it into Discord and like magic the results array I have created could be shown.

(Or, you know, Realm Works could be stood up again and that then made into a full VTT... :P )

Thanks again BJ. I hope this is something that can be done. Our group far prefers using Hero Lab and we love it.

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