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Originally Posted by McTaff View Post
Yes, I know macros exist in Roll20. I made one for four attacks (not withstanding Power Attack, Bless, Bulls Strength and all the other modifiers I can't include) and it spits out a wall of text that takes up the entire chat window.
You might take a look at MapTool instead (the same folks that brought you TokenTool).

It looks like it came out of the 90's (a new UI is in the works), but the macro system is great. People have built initiative systems, calendars, condition trackers, and all kinds of things. (I have some custom macros for the campaign I run that extract info from a HeroLab portfolio and populate the properties of both PC and NPC tokens.)

*Disclaimer: I'm on the dev team, although I haven't submitted much code lately. Still, I'm pretty biased towards our free program that has already been translated by our users into eleven languages besides English.
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