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Hey all, love the product.

I think it would be handy if you you could include which characters are involved in a plot point. I know you can associate a topic with a plot point but that falls short if you have more than one character involved in a plot.

Plot1: Jim talks to Sally.
Characters involved: Jim, Sally.

Plot2: Jim goes to the store.
Characters involved: Jim.

Plot3: Jim runs into Sally at the store, they chat with Bob the manager.
Chracter involved: Jim, Sally, Bob.

Kind of related, if the storyboard had a search bar to say, search for "Jim" then you would be able to see the plot connections that involve Jim. Even if the plot points without the searched topic became greyed out, it would make following plot connections a lot easier

Search for Jim
All 3 plot points remain visible.

Search for Sally
Plot1 and plot3 remain visible.

Search for Bob
Plot3 remains visible.

Have a nice day LWD!
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