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Hey guy, first post on this forum, let's just start by saying Hero Lab is really a great tools, and I've been using it with pleasure for quite a long time already !

That being said, I'm kinda stuck with some editing here, as i'm not the most competent person when it comes to coding things (And speaking english, as i'm pretty sure you'll see soon enough !)

Here's the problem : In my actual campaign, I'm playing a bard who, because of some Story-related improvement, got 8 skill point / Lvl instead of 6.

I wanted to edit it into a new Bard in the editor of Hero Lab, and everything went fine exept for...Versatile Performance.

I can't get any of the normal performance option in the menu displayed in the "Bard" tab of the caracters. It's simply bland.

I checked that the editor aknowledge the Custom Ability, and It does, tho I don't see where I should go to ensure that It list the performances into it.

If someone faced the same problem, or if someone got any tips about it, i'll be really thankfull !

Anyway, thanks for the help, and good evening !

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