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So, in the course of the Netherwar adventure line, one of my players decided they wanted to have the Medallion of Modrossus that shows up in the adventure. First problem, the adventure didn't have stats. Second problem, the implementation in the Gadget Guides supplement doesn't work properly. It's meant to be a Device that adds additional array slots to an existing array or power, but was simply coded as a regular array, meaning it costs significantly more. This simply would not do, so I wrote my own version that works well enough for now.

If I had the Authoring Kit files, I could add this much more nicely, but as it stands, I hijacked the Wide Array so that you can use the "Extra Width" as the base power, and it calculates the additional slots properly. Ideally, one would be able to pick a specific Power or Array, and have the system work off of that automatically, but, well, good enough for use at the table.
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