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4/16 Update: Released!

4/15 Update: Guild Spells are done! Tireless Precision is in, but not 100% elegantly. It and Animal Enhancements need some slight tweaking before I'm totally happy with them. But they're definitely ready for some testing. I also combined the two Grappling Appendages enhancements into 1 selection with a chooser box, since they're presented that way in the book and now I know enough to do it that way. Yay for learning. I'm making headway with the Contacts, so I'm going to finish those then release this into the wild. We're nearly there!

4/10 Update: Really close to a new release! Guild Spells and Tireless Precision are the last things to implement before I feel this is presentable, and we have ways to get them both in. Should be done soon, then uploaded onto the GitHub.

I've slowly been working on a file for Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica. Things in bold are the things I need community attention on. Additionally, if you've already done some of the work remaining, please let me know! I'll happily combine your file into this one and we can all share the glory. The file in the next comment is not up to date. Once I make a little more progress, I'll be uploading the file into the GitHub.

Human and Elf - 99% - Need to figure out how to add the GGtR to them, since they're in SRD.
Goblin - 100% - Added the GGtR source to this in VGtM
Loxodon - 100%
Minotaur - 100%
Centaur - 100%
Vedalken - 80% - Tireless Precision - Thanks to Mergon for getting this in. Not 100% pretty; I'm toying with a different idea, but will have included in one way or another in the next release.
Simic Hybrid - 95% - Animal Enhancements - You can select the same enhancement twice. How do we change that?

Bonds, Ideals, etc. - 100%
Features - 100%
Guild Contacts - 100% - Done.
Guild Spells - 100% - Thanks to Mergon and ShadowChemosh, these are in.
Factions - 100%-ish. They're all in and selectable, but it would be neat to have the titles for each renown level show up somehow. There's also benefits that are dependent on renown level. A fully-featured Ravnica file would show these benefits under Specials at the appropriate renown levels.

Circle of Spores Druid - 100%
Order Domain Cleric - 100%

Encode Thoughts - 100% - Complete. Will be part of the Dimir's Guild Spells
Chaos Bolt - 100% - Added GGTR source to the spell in XGTE

Monsters and NPCs
Monsters - LOL - Let's catch up on the MToF ones first
NPCs - 0% Same

GGtR Source - 100% - Mergon took care of this! All I had to do was update the source on each item, which is done. Will be included in the next release of the file.
Magic Items - 0% - Lowest priority, IMO

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