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I now utilize more of the options and features in RW than I did in the beginning.
I also utilize them much better (or so I like to believe), having figured out how the cogs in the machine fit into one another.

The more I use RW the more I like it.

Apart from that, I tend to do my entries in three parts:

1: Strictly plot related and centering around the saga the players are taking part in.

2: Technical information (what herbs do what how, the various weapons available in which period, their damage, etc.)

3: World building, adding content that 1 and 2 has to be based on. This also involves including information and details that the party might never notice or see and which might have no impact on their experience.

I use the story board to a great extent - it really helps me keep an overview. I even used it to map out how languages developed in the world (though, to be honest - that storyboard is mayhaps a tad too complicated).

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