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I've played a Mind Control mage and have 100s+ hours GMing. Here is my 2 cents.

When does the target take the actions you make them take? On your turn? On their turn?

It takes the action on your turn. You're essential inhabiting there body more or less.

Does the target spend their own actions following your commands? And if you don't order them to do anything, do they act on their own or do they just stand around in a puppet-like state?

They can't act on their own as you have control of their body like a puppetmaster. You spend your actions to make them do things.

The spell takes a major action to cast, and to make the target do anything meaningful you'll need an additional action, which you most likely won't have untill your next turn, which leaves the spell seem pretty ineffective.. specially if the target can act normally on their turn.

It takes a complex action to cast and you take control over their body. They can't act on their turn and as long as your sustain it then you can use your action to take control of them. Its effective because you shut down an enemy from acting for a turn and all turns going forward.

The spell already seems significantly weaker than Control Thoughts, so I'm kinda hoping the spell functions better than I suspect it might.

Its stronger than Control Thoughts because this is doing actions for the character. Control Thoughts is just implementing an idea which the target may not do exactly what you intended them to do. As a GM I don't let player cheese Control Thoughts.


With Control Actions the character its on knows they are possessed but everyone else does not. So an aspected sorcerer with firearms skills and this spell could be causing to ripe old confusion & damage by shooting any number of people. Even if the sorcerer doesn't have firearms, it takes no skill to pull the pin on a grenade and drop it.
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