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I am trying to configure the controlled bloodrage feature of the urban bloodrager archetype on my character. I plan to use it as a one-level dip for a Dex boost on my 6th level Dex-based PC.

The feature seems to be slightly confusingly implemented in HLO. My character now has both bloodrage and controlled bloodrage listed under special abilities. Activating bloodrage automatically boosts STR but nothing else. The description for controlled bloodrage includes the following:

Note: To implement this ability, use the activated abilities on the In-Play tab, dividing up the bonus as desired. As you increase the other statistics, the Strength bonus will decrease. If you want a controlled bloodrage with only a strength bonus, and no Dexterity or Constitution modifiers (and no AC penalty or Will save bonus), activate this ability on the In-Play tab, then activate Rage.
Try as I might, I can't see anywhere where I can activate controlled bloodrage or allocate the bonus to Dex.

Does "in-play tab" refer to the overall character sheet in play mode (as opposed to build mode) or is there a more specific place that I'm supposed to find the option to configure this.

Any help is much appreciated!

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