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Originally Posted by Tickkid View Post
Hi everyone,

I'm working on a game that has one skill that is unlinked. I've figure out how to tell the game that the linkage is optional - but I'm not sure exactly how to keep the net skill roll to keep the linked skill in all of the rest of the attributes except for the one unlinked one. I'm pretty sure it's a nested if. I'm thinking I could reference the skill directly in the IF even, but I'm just not sure the syntax to say that if it is this skill then @value = field[trtFinal].value instead of @value = field[trtFinal].value + linkage[attribute].field[trtFinal].value
I would think you could give the skill a tag like SkillLink.Unlinked and like you thought, if the tag is present, add the linkage value, otherwise just use the skill trtFinal value.

That way, if for some reason more skills that are unlinked come into play, you’re already accounting for it.

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