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Originally Posted by caseybcrocker View Post
Yeah, that would be really cool to be able to add blessings and the like, but I also get the priorities of other responsibilities, etc.

I may need to do this character the "old school/classic" pencil and paper way. Though it would be a lot of extra work, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Thanks for your input, Mergon.
Unfortunately the Core 5e rules, not just the SRD, do not allow you take levels past 20th. Epic Levels are handled by adding epic boons in the Dungeon Master's Guide. They don't currently allow you to keep taking levels past 20th and they haven't released anything along the lines of expanding this content yet as far as I know. Some 3rd party companies do handle it a little differently but the base system is epic boons for 5th edition. It's not throwing an error, this is how the game system was developed and its intentionally set up this way.

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