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Originally Posted by Minous View Post
It halves all off hand attacks unless you are flurrying. You dont actually get TWF unless you flurry, so you are getting the non-TWF penalties associated with using two weapons. If you read the full class discription, the flurry section expands and goes into detail for multiple attacks. In order to use the offhand you need to flurry, because you only count as having TWF when flurrying.
Damage is not affected by the two weapon fighting feat, only chance to hit. When you do two weapon fighting your off hand attack damage is cut in half, no matter if you have two weapon fighting feat or not. You don't need to use any feat or skill to use offhand, nor do you need to flurry, you just take max penalties. The bottom line is none of that changes the fact that a brawler doesn't have half damage on unarmed strikes, the offhand unarmed strike should be at full damage.
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