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Originally Posted by AEIOU View Post
The only way to export a SmartImage is to do a screen capture. The Windows Snipping Tool works well for this. Yes, this is pretty lame.

When the RW survey was first held to determine priorities, a small (but very vocal) number of us pushed for export/print capabilities because it's a functionality that cannot be replaced by other programs outside of RW -- unlike calendars, player journals, etc. It has to be built into the core of RW from the beginning or it becomes difficult to implement or half-derriered as something stapled on to check a feature box. Now that people have seen how badly it's needed, I hope the upcoming survey moves it up in priority and gets done well. We NEED robust export and print capabilities.
Noted - that is what I was afraid of, but that is ok. Just have to keep better track of them myself. Thank you.
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