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Thanks Sendric. I actually figured something out at around 4am:

The existing adjustments for Legacy checks use the bootstrapped feats to run the expression "component.BaseWep & User.Legacy". So, if I make duplicates of the Legacy adjustment, one for Armour and one for Wondrous items, and then duplicates of the associated feats, one set running "component.BaseArmor & User.Legacy" and one set running "component.BaseWonder & User.Legacy", everything seems to work correctly.

New problem I've run into: the count is now all messed up. Each bootstrapped feat in the adjustment has the following condition attached:
fieldval:pIsOn<>0 & fieldval:pAdjust>=1
(and >=2 and >=3 for the succesive feats). Now, in the original adjustment, that works properly, adding on the appropriate feats to the hero when the adjustment count is 1, 2, or 3 respectively.

However, in mine, things have gone wonky; the Least feat only shows when the count is zero, and then disappears. Lesser kicks in a 3 instead of 2, and Greater isn't showing at all.

Just sat down to keep hammering at this. Ideas and pointers more than welcome. Thanks Sendric! You always save my ass when I get stuck in this stuff...
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