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I wanted to thank you so much for doing this. Recently tried Age of Sigmar and was not a happy camper at what was done to Fantasy. It feels like a game for preschoolers. I couldn't believe that 40k was a better game lol. I discovered 9th Age on an eBay listing and hoping friends will also make switch. Thanks so much for doing this, 9th Age is awesome from what I'm seeing the focus on clarity and balance which is refreshing after rules from that company that shall not be named. So glad you have made these files to help keep WHFB alive through 9th Age. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and hopefully you will see others finding the game. I am noticing mention of it pick up and they are gaining miniature company support so fingers crossed. Now we can hope for a balanced 40k game but now I'm probably dreaming. Anyhow didn't see any posts here so wanted to let you know you efforts are not unappreciated.
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