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Originally Posted by ploturo View Post
I think that it uses explicit sorting tags for the gType tag group, as described here in the authoring kit wiki (although the tag group is called gearType in Savage Worlds):

If it does, there is a problem.

Even though you can create new tags in the gType group because it is a dynamic group, there doesn't seem to be any way to set the order parameter for the new tag. It looks like you can only do that within value elements where the tag group is originally defined.

The best you can probably do is borrow an existing tag group (and its category header thing) for items that you don't plan to include in your conversion.

For example, your image doesn't show the gType.AdventKits "Adventuring Kits" category (which would normally sort above Adventuring Gear), or you could probably make the gType.Entertain "Entertainment" category disappear without upsetting anybody (although it is right above the existing Alchemical categories, and doesn't gain much in terms of position).

Basically you would need to look at a full install of pathfinder with most of the packages purchased and sources turned on to figure out which existing category you don't want and is sorted in a position you like.

To re-use the Adventuring Kits category, for example, you would tag all your items with gType.AdventKit and then replace the thing for the original header (gHdAdvKits) with a copy that has had its name changed to whatever you want to use.

Likewise, to re-use the Entertainment category, you would tag all your items with gType.Entertain and then replace the thing for its original header (gHdEnter) with a renamed copy.
I don't really get how to substitute my category for an existing one. If I create the category "Special Substances and Items" with Unique Id "gHdSpecial" ant tell it to replace "gHdEsoMat" (the category I want to replace, "Esoteric Material Components") nothing happens, my stuff stays at the top even if I tell it to get under that category, and my custom category simply disappears.

EDIT: Ok, finally did it. Thanks for the help @ploturo!

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