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and advance the Ally spirit afterwards, at double the creation costs.
Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
The "Increase Attribute" advancement on the Ally Spirit's Advances tab is the way to increase the spirit's Force attribute.
If I want to create an Force 4 Ally spirit it should cost (4x8) = 32 Karma
If I use Increase Attribute at the advancement tab on the Ally spirit every advancement shows up as costing 16 points (thats the correct cost for increasing the force of the ally after the initial creation).

But there is another problem, the ally spirit created in this fashion (initial creation at Force 1, then increasing to force 4) should cost 8 + (16 x 3) = 56 Karma.
But HeroLab says the costs are: 200 Karma.

If I add another Increase Attribute Force, it cost an additionall 96 Karma.

My wild assed guess is, the automatically increased Attributes (str, agi, etc.) cost Karma.


Edit: Did an official bug report, but linked to this thread for the screenshots.

An third point: There is (I think) Errata which allows Possesion Spirits as Ally Spirit (in my German book its allready in print). Currently only Inhatiation or Materalisation is possible in HeroLab. (At least with the test PC, with Vodoo tradition)

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