Thread: M&M 3rd ed. Open 3E defects
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257924 - Affected Attacks for skills - Possible to add twice, an undesignated entry repeats the last entry.

If I have a hero with a Magic Blast (Ranged Damage) and I add Magic Blast twice to the list, every rank in the skill counts twice to the bonus. If I make a selection and then add another attack but don't fill it in, that undesignated attack maps to the last item picked (here, the Magic Blast) and it again acts as double. If there's more than one entry, the undesignated row only applies to the most recent one.
Ran into that one because I deleted the Eye of Balor from the Bres the Beautiful profile (to bring him in line with the NetherWar #0 adventure) and couldn't figure out why he suddenly had a +12 with his magic.
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