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Here's the short of it: the new Theros book adds a Piety score. Deities, Supernatural Gifts, and Artifacts all add more features as your piety score increases.

I've programmed Piety as an ability on the In-Play tab, with a chooseable amount of Activation. That means I can key off the actUser field on that Thing for querying the Piety score in other abilities.

The Supernatural Gifts are programmed as Ability things. Because of that, I can easily use an early eval script to grab Piety's actUser field, dump it into the Supernatural Gift's abValue, and test the piety-dependent bootstraps on the Gift against that abValue. I already have that working, so no problem.

The deity things apparently don't have abValue as a field. So for all the bootstraps that come from the deity choice that depend on the piety field, I'm at a loss for how to do it. I thought about an eval script that tests for piety and adds custom tags for the bootstrap conditions to look for, but I'm not sure how to make custom tags work that way.

Any ideas?

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