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I was trying to see how I could fit monk AC and unarmed abilities on that. Well on each wildshape minion iI had to add one monk class for the AC and adjust the hp back down, I did figure how 3 ways to add monk unarmed strike as they won't show. I gather these races do not have it defined.

Unarmed attack pOMEUnarmedAttack
This adjustment is meant to add an unarmed strike to wild shape users.

Bootstrap wUnarmed

Item of creating Unarmed Attack ioOMEWitemUnarmed
This can cause a unarmed strike to show in wildshaped forms for those who also follow the way of monk.

Bootstrap wUnarmed
Tags Group Id Tag Id
Helper EquipMag
Helper ShowSpec
GearType gWondrous
Helper EquipAvail
Helper AlwaysAvail

Last one is a actual weapon.
Unarmed Strike wOMEMelWepUnarmed
You'll need to extend that to nat weapon
Extend wOMEMelWepUnarmed BaseNatWep

Only way to get insignia of claws and Eldritch claws tattoo to show on that.

This remains the only way to enchant an unarmed strike. This item can be a cetus, a handwrap or even knuckles. Being a weapon it can take any weapon efffects such as from Hex, Hunter's Mark and cleric's Divine Strike.

Damage Dice 1
Damage dice type 4
Simple prof and also check always proficient. also damage doesn't change with size.

Now you should be able to get Adamantine or silvered unarmed strike as well as that will show on the table now. One oddity, Using the proposed change to Fisticuffs unarmed style which add +2 damage to unarmed somehow remove the +2 from any unarmed strike made this way from Adamantine, vicious and silvered. I'll use a temporary damage adjustment or just rename a regular unarmed strike to include Adamantine say.
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