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I'm fine with Lone Wolf consolidating things into bigger packages in the new store/purchasing format, but I absolutely cannot stand how difficult it is to find a particular item.

For example, I have a character who wants to use something out of Heroes of the Streets. So I figure I'll go and purchase that. I can't get it individually, so I start looking at the bundles.

Each bundle has a half dozen to a dozen packages in it. Each package has 3-5 separate books, and they're not even listed on a separate line each, it's just a sentence that says "This contains X and Y and Z."

That means that in order to find Heroes of the Streets, I had to click on each of the bundles, eventually realize that the "player bundles" are the ones most likely to have what I need, open up all three of those, click on each package individually to read what books it contains. Finally, after missing Heroes of the Streets twice due to the lack of formatting, I finally spotted it. It took me 15 minutes to locate the thing I wanted to purchase and do so.

I seriously, seriously suggest that this issue be fixed. Please don't make it difficult for me to give you money, really.
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