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Hey all!

I've recently been making the switch over to Foundry from Roll20, which had a fantastic Herolab importer. However - Foundry has nothing of the sort. There's a generic statblock importer that I can use to get base monster stats in, but players/NPCs with special abilities or equipment currently can't be moved over. Spells get left behind, too.

I know there's currently a 2e converter in the works, but has anyone been working on something for 1e as well? I've asked around on the Foundry discord to no avail. If anyone would like to do one but doesn't have access to Foundry - I'd be more than happy to set you up with something on a test world, I'm selfhosting my own instance.

Since Foundry runs off .json files and javascript modules for the most part, I'm guessing a start would be to convert from XML?

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