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Originally Posted by Valyar View Post
I would support a model that does not force a monthly subscriptions and does not move the product to the web. Don't go into extortion business and all should be good.

RW is serious tool, should always retain desktop client for superior performance, offline and instant access to the data.

PS: Does anyone work on RW to fix the reported bugs?
I agree with almost everything you say, and I wouldn't personally have an issue with some sort of paid support model, RW is worth spending a few bucks on monthly or what ever.

However I do not like the idea of an open Patreon model personally, I would actually rather some sort of subscription. The reason being simple: Patreon would mean the few pay for the many, and that's not a situation I want to be in. What could end up happening those with the most cash end up driving the direction of the product, which seriously could push away users and thus support from those who cant match the funds, you end up driving an inverse whirlpool.

I am not saying I have a perfect solution, but I have always been a supporter of subscription models. Like a user fee; tax payers support busses, but each person riding it must pay a user fee as an example. Yearly Subscription nets you updates, we just need to see the yearly plan. What I guess the million dollar question is, how much would need to be generated to support the development. I have many subscriptions I pay for many monthly/yearly and have no issue with RW having one if it is reasonable and we get some support as our RoI.

You want updates you pay a small support cost.

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