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So I recently made a bunch of custom data files using the editor and then I exported it making a .hl file.
I have uploaded the .hl file to an online domain so I can download it. The HL file can be found here:

I also went to the 5e community pack forum and copied their text for the .xml file that they use for updates on their community pack and made changes to it to suite my URL and file.

The 5e community url I copied is here:

The .xml file I created from it is here:

I'm not good at any of the web work or linking sites or coding or anything that is needed to properly do this, so I know I've done it wrong. After posting the URL I opened Hero Lab on my iPad and added the .xml link to my Update Sources and got an error. The error just showed the code of the xml and didn't tell me what line the error occurred in.

Can anyone else me sort this out? I'm sure I've put a semi colon in the wrong spot or something.
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