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Version 5.12 of the data files for Middle-earth SBG is now available.

Additions and corrections in 5.12:

- Changes from War in Rohan book
- Corrected cost for Rohan Outrider
- Corrected cost for Galadhrim Warrior’s War Horn
- Déorwine is no longer Éowyn in disguise (the Déorwine selection in the unit list actually gave you Éowyn)
- Removed “Add Units” option for Uruk-hai Drummer and Orc Drummer
- Fixed automatic Hobbit Warrior options for Defenders of the Shire (only Merry’s and Pippin’s Warband, not entire force)
- Herald of the Dead no longer get Harbinger of Evil in Return of the King list
- Corrected text for Hordes of Mordor (bonus rule for The Black Gate Opens)
- Grimbold now gets Mighty Blow (not Mighty Hero)
- Removed throwing spears from Déorwine
- Corrected missing Mithril Coat for Bilbo Baggins (Lord of the Rings era)
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