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First, you cannot, AFAIK assign a tag with a wildcard, so I would expect "perform eachpick.assign[ShardProf.?]" to throw an error. So fix that to assign an actual tag, then confirm that the ShardProf tag you want is being assigned to the weapons you've chosen with the new feat.

If so, then all you need to do is alter the script in the material to run after the feat script which assigns the tag, and have the material script check for any ShardProf tag on the parent weapon before deleting Helper.Proficient.

If for some reason your foreach is NOT getting to the correct weapon picks to do that assign, then you need to look into what the fTargetId procedure is outputting for the "id" variable.

Also, what is the reason you're doing "eachpick.forward" in that script? Is something supposed to be checking for those tags on the hero for some reason?

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