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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post

Post-Level 10000
~Do nothing if we have the correct proficiency
doneif (hero.childlives[fShardWepProf] <> 0)

~Otherwise travel to our parent weapon and make it not proficient
perform container.parent.delete[Helper.Proficient]
The code you gave is good, but it misses the mark slightly of what I need. The special proficiency grants it to a single weapon, much like the exotic weapon proficiency feat.

So what I have decided to do is a mix of your example and your suggestion. I created a new dynamic tag ShardProf with base values of ProfAll, AllSimple, AllMartial, and AllExotic. I'll use those in the future if I need to expand the functionality.

The point is I want to get the idstring from my selection and use that as the value of my tag, then push that to the hero. Then I can check if that exists anywhere I need.

The issue is I dont know how to do that, this is my code sofar, but I cant figure out a way to take the usrChosen idstring and pass that into an assign or forward command.

      ~ If we're disabled, do nothing
      doneif (tagis[Helper.FtDisable] <> 0)

      ~ If we haven't chosen anything, get out now
      doneif (field[usrChosen1].ischosen + tagis[Target.?] = 0)

        ~ Assign the appropriate tag to all weapons that meet the criteria
        var id as string
        var name as string
        call fTargetId

        foreach pick in hero where "IsWeapon." & id
          perform eachpick.assign[ShardProf.?]
          perform eachpick.forward[ShardProf.?]
I am probably doing a horrible job of explaining what I am wanting, if so I'm sorry.
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