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Originally Posted by daplunk View Post
The way I've seen it done and the way I would do it would to be to put it in the World Almanac instead of the Mechanics. I'd personally create them as Individuals.
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In my Paranoia realm I have three levels of character Topics:
  1. Descriptions of a generic character type that could appear in any adventure. These specify a role and a sample personality or two but almost no stats: "Briefing Officers" are typically around Green Clearance, have antagonistic personalities, might have (list of Mutant Powers) and be a member of (list of Secret Societies), etc.
  2. More fully fleshed out NPCs with some specifics, mostly characters that appear in a single adventure but don't need full writeups: "Happy-G-MAN-3" is a briefing officer who sounds like a mafia goon, doesn't like his job, is a member of the Frankenstein Destroyers, etc.
  3. Fully written-up characters with details and character sheets, used for PCs and recurring NPCs.

My generic NPCs (#1 above) are instances of a custom Category and are contained under a Cast List Topic named (naturally) "Generic NPCs". These seem closest to the examples in the Masks sample PDF.
I see your points in adding them as individuals as NPCs in my world which is a good idea. Butl the thing is there is much more to Masks than just NPCs. To me it is a list of ideas for inspiration to create NPCs and to inspire PCs for better backgrounds. I may put the core rules in the Mechanics Reference section and the characters as is in the World Almanac and have links corresponding to both.

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