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Originally Posted by rob View Post
The online purchase process warns customers to first verify that all the necessary data files they are seeking work to their satisfaction. The demo version of the product makes it easy to perform this verification.

Since Army Builder works for a wide range of game systems, it's up to the user to confirm the product will work for the game systems they seek. I'm sorry you elected not to check this detail before purchasing, but we did all we could to safeguard against this.

If you don't want the product anymore, you can receive a refund. Details about requesting a refund should be found on our website, which can be obtained by contacting technical support with the appropriate information.
Rob, This person does not understand that Army builder is not affiliated with "GW" in anyway. It is a separate company and must wait a set amount of time before releasing the files to its members in order to avoid any legal repercussion from "GW".

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