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Originally Posted by Sword_of_Spirit View Post

One issue with it is that the incoming links can contain spoilers. Like, for instance, maybe "Lord Evil" the party's nemesis is a (partially) revealed topic, but when they look at the "Gwendolyn the friendly innkeeper" entry they probably shouldn't see an incoming link from Lord Evil who they don't know has anything to do with her.

Maybe the incoming and outgoing links should always be secret?
The IN/OUT links in the main topic of revealed content should only show for revealed topics; but I hadn't considered checking for revealed NAMES when generating those links - it isn't a complex thing to do, once I determine the priority ordering of names to display if the main topic name isn't revealed.

Although, it seems that the main topic name will always be revealed if the topic is revealed (the "true name" doesn't need to be revealed though).


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