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Old September 1st, 2008, 07:30 AM
Just curious, I have noticed a bug that appears to have been around for a wile now. Basically, the bow limit is managed by the host army and not each individual army list allied in. This results in AB valdating successful when the bow limit is not legal. Example; Create a Grey Company list and add one hero (RotN) and 4 rangers (RoA). Then ally in any other valid ally (such as Gondor of Fiefdoms) and add Ranger of Gondor. You can now add as many rangers of Gondor as you like without the bow limit being flagged as broken.

In my testing, this rules issue appears to be the same the other way as well, except the Rangers of Arnor are instead held to the limits of the host army and not the Grey Company list (ie they have a bow limit now instead of 4 per RotN or Dunedain).

I looked to see if this bug had been listed, but I didnít see anything in the forums so I assume it hasnít. As such, I would be happy to help work on resolving this issue if you like, but wanted to let you all know prior to doing that as I wouldnít want someone to step on the 40k files without discussing it with their maintainers (myself included).

Let me know.


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