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I'm trying to allow the arcanist to take the mythic arcane bond from the mythic hero handbook. After pooking around I have determined the mythic arcane bon ability is . . .

1) In custom abilities as mcLGWizArB.
2) It references the wizard familiar cwizfam

I want to make it usable with the archetype bloodline familiar.

1) arbloodfam

Am I correct I can go through this ability and change every reference to cwizfam to also reference arbloofam and it'll be available or am I missing something?

Never mind its the same issue I've been having for the last year it adds selected abilities and Mythic "RANK" to the familiar not Mythic "TIER" as the feat say's and that's a different situation entirely (no path abilities for one). Back hunting through the editor to try and figure out how to give a familiar mythic tier not mythic rank.

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