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Hero Lab for M&M 3e is pretty great in general and I've been using it extensively. That said, there is one thing that keeps frustrating me to no end: the impossibility to copy/paste content.

I'd like to make a library of powers or rituals so I can add them easily to multiple characters. I can't.

I made a complex power with an array of other powers... and now I realize one of my alts costs more than the base power. It would be nice if I could quickly create an Array and cut/paste all these powers into it but... nope, I can't.

I created a character but it turns out I would like it to be a Sidekick for another hero ultimately... well, looks like I need to input everything again. For this specific case, I actually looked at the XML export of the character and there is almost no difference between a Sidekick character and a Hero character (namely, the "type" and the fact one has the Sidekick advantage).
For reference, I had that issue by stating out a robot as a character at first, and then realizing I could add him as a Sidekick to a pilot Hero. Oops. Also, what happens if the pilot changes?

In general, it would be very nice to be able to drag'n'drop or copy/cut/paste powers around, or have some export/import of them, similarly to exporting/importing heroes in portfolios. And of course, being able to import a character from the current portfolio or an external one as the Sidekick or Minion or a Hero would be even better.

Since I just read in another thread that there are some updates in the pipeline, maybe it's not too late to voice such concerns.

Obviously, if I'm ranting while there is actually an easy way to move powers around, please do let me know and I'll be humbled ^^;...
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