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Originally Posted by Dark_Soul View Post
I have a character that just got a pair of these, and I'd like to get what's entered already, scripted correctly.

They grant a +1 enhancement bonus to melee damage when equipped. This appears to already be scripted. However, if you worship a deity with the War domain, this bonus increases to +3, but only with the deity's favored weapon.

Honestly not sure where to start on this one. Any help is appreciated.
Because deities were only recently (relatively speaking) entered, things like this haven't been addressed. However, it should be pretty easy. I just made a new portfolio and selected a deity at random. Looking at the hero tags, I see several "AllowDom.?" tags. It should be possible to use this tag to apply the bonus with something like:

if (hero.tagis[AllowDom.cdWar] <> 0) then
  bonus = 3)
The tricky part here will be figuring out the deity's favored weapon(s).

In the meantime, the suggestion provided by Provos above will suit your needs.

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