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Originally Posted by Sword_of_Spirit View Post
I'm getting a graphical glitch. Images attached.

It's secret GM Directions followed by player readable text, all in a content box. For some reason the player view has a beige vertical line where the bottom of the GM directions segment would be.
It looks like the box around the GM Directions is being drawn without the actual text inside it. This seems unlikely unless something is awry with the HTML that is stored for the journal entry.

As GM, is it possible for you to open the editor and view the HTML of the page (using the "<>" button in the editor) and find the part of the entry which contains the GM and non-GM text inside the corresponding sections. It should look a little like:

<section class="RWgmDirAndContents">
<section class="RWgmDirections secret">
<p>GM directions secret about:</p>
<p>Player readable content</p>
It would help me understand where something is appearing out of order.


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