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Originally Posted by Alewis View Post
I have used HLO for both Pathfinder and Starfinder and its been very disappointing. Shadowrun is a far more complicated system with many more options. As it is, it takes twice as long to make a Pathfinder character online vs classic and the Shadowrun system is only going to compound this problem.

Edit: I forgot to make my point, which is, don't wait for HLO to release SR 6th, find another option.
Hmm, community has been passing around an Excel that calculates all the crunchy bits. I could flesh it out with some Macros to make it auto-populate gear on the main sheet print out...

If Lone Wolf doesn't get it's .... drek together, an alternative, probably free, will take it's place from the community. Which is no skin off our hoop, but sad to see a developer who was once known for making an excellent tool that made getting in the game an easier/better experience falter in such a way.
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